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  • Learn the Italian National Anthem 'Hymm of Mameli' so all can sing it at ceremonies

  • Learn the Italian Christmas song 'Tu Scendi delle Stelle' so all can sing it at Xmas party.

  • If you have members who are native speakers or Italian Language teachers, ask them to start lodge Italian lessons.

  • Create a Wreathe-Laying ceremony at a Columbus monument geographically near you.

  • Lodge trips – many options !

  • Create a Block party to celebrate Festa di Republica in June.

  • Create an Italian American Festival in your town. Pick a saint if you want to honor one.

  • Have a talent night

  • Show DVD's on Italian topics or movies. There's a 15 minute DVD on the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum in Staten Island, NYC (that belongs to our National OSIA)

  • Italian Regional night- pick one region per month: Abruzzo, Calabria, Le Marche, Sicilia Puglia, Campania (Naples), Lazio (Roma), etc. Committee members presents the history, culture, music, & food of that region that their ancestry may have come from.

  • Programs on Italian / Italian American music nights 'By the Decades'.

  • Italian American Book Club discussion. Great one to start with: 'Under the Southern Sun -Stories of the Real Italy and the Americans It Created' by Paul Paolicelli of PA.

  • Italian Food Demonstrations – 'Making Homemade Ricotta Cheese, Gnocchi, etc.'by Maria Verzilli of Piazza Nuova Lodge or whoever can do such programs in your lodge.

  • Annual Group Attendance Mass on a Sunday during November in remembrance of our departed members / ancestors.

  • If lodge has knowledgable persons in their ranks who can give a talk on their profession or avocation, ie: Italian Dual Citizenship Process, Local hospital volunteer director, etc.

  • Book Author signings – One who gives a great talk is author Gus Graybill of Western PA

  • Speaker from a local college or HS on a topic relevant to Italian / Italian American History.

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